Top Tips for Working Remotely from Your RV

Working from home the last couple of years has offered thousands of individuals and families more flexibility than ever before! If you enjoy that flexibility and also love the freedom of traveling, why not try working remotely from your RV? Take a look at some of our top tips below to see how it could work for you.

Tips for Working Remotely from Your RV

Choose an RV with a Workspace

Many of our new and used RVs for sale include a desk or work area – and lots of motorhomes also features a specific workstation in the front passenger seat – like this one in our Thor VEGAS 24.1 Class A motorhome for sale!

Tips for Working Remotely from Your RV

Having a designated workspace allows you to draw some boundaries with the interior space of your RV, which is already at a premium.

Work & Play on Your Schedule

If you have the flexibility to choose your own work hours, you might consider putting in weekend hours and leaving more time during the week for fun excursions. One of the many benefits is that activities tend to be less crowded during the week (when, you know, most people are working), and you can maximize what you’re getting out of having a flexible schedule.

Tips for Working Remotely from Your RV

Have Multiple Power Sources

The more adventurous you get in your travels, the more you’ll want to have backup and extra power sources charged and ready to keep you online. If your RV doesn’t already have solar prep, check with us to see if it can be added! Using solar panels (and parking in places that help them stay charged) is a great source of back up power. Also, make sure to have several charged power banks on hand as well.

Tips for Working Remotely from Your RV

Guarantee Connectivity

On top of having a backup power plan, you’ll want to ensure you can stay online and connected. Most campgrounds offer WiFi nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have great service. Consider adding a hotspot upgrade to your cellular plan to make sure you can stay connected wherever you go. To make sure you have service, you can check a coverage map ahead of time.

Schedule RV Before You Go

You won’t regret having a quick RV service appointment before you hit the road. This is also a good time to think about adding any upgrades that can help you work remotely from your RV easily and headache-free. Contact us today!

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